Thursday, 11 September 2008

Daily Plans

An interesting difference between the 3-6 and 6-9 Montessori class is the way a teacher gets a child to work and progress in the materials. Now that the child is older, he is given more of a responsibility towards his own learning. This week I introduced the children to their daily learning plan. Every morning I sit with each child and we discuss what work should be done during the day. I then write down the work on the child's daily plan and the child uses that to see what work he is supposed to do. Some of the activities are new presentation so the child will call me to show him what to do. Other activities are just practicing or repeating things they have already been shown. Once the child has completed the work he can colour in the activity so that I know that it has been done. At the end of the day or beginning of the next day I review the daily plan and we discuss the materials and if anything needs to be repeated.
Here is a picture of the daily plans at the start of the day. Fox [5yrs] decided that it will be a good idea to stick it to the wall, the other children copied him and so now we have a daily plan wall. Here is the picture of the daily plan towards the end of the work cycle. The children have enjoyed working and scribbling off the completed work. This really helps them to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning and achievements. It is also a great tool to develop the skill of time management.

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Paul and Ines said...

What a great idea...the posting them on the wall. I love how children can make it work better for themselves.