Sunday, 26 June 2011

Winner of Pink Series Giveaway

After consulting with the true number selector [at] the winner of my Pink Series giveaway is.....

Linda: I have emailed you, please reply so I can send you your files.

Thank you to everyone who entered, sorry you didn't win :( I'll be hosting another giveaway soon so keep a look out.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Montessori Pink Series & giveaway

Here is a quick overview of the Pink Level [stage one] literacy materials often used in Montessori classrooms. All the words in the pink series consist of two or three letters phonic words typically in the letter format CVC [consonant, vowel, consonant]. All letters in each word must be completely phonetic and represent the sounds learnt with the sandpaper letters. Some words such as car, are three lettered CVC words but are not phonetic so be careful to make sure words are completely phonetic. Before starting with the pink series children must have completed the previous activities I post about before here.

Pink Box 1:
A box of six phonetic objects at pink level
Moveable alphabet and mat

The child chooses an object, identifies the sounds in the in the word, gets the correct letters from moveable alphabet and builds the words on the mat. At this stage we do not get the child to read back the words they have built.

Pink Box 2:

This is used exactly the same way as pink box 1 but the child has a box of six pictures instead of objects.

When the child has worked with pink box 2, you can begin working with rhymes. Make a letter combination with the moveable alphabet e.g 'at', the child can place letters in front of 'at' to see what words can be made that rhyme with 'at'.

Pink Box 3:
Materials: A box containing six objects and matching word cards.

This will be the child's first presentation in reading. The child should arrange all the objects on a table mat in a horizontal line. The child will then take one word, sound it out and blend the letters to read the word. The child then places the word underneath the correct object.

Alternatively, the teacher or parent can write the words on a slip of pink paper instead of providing a printed card.

Pink box 4:

This is used the same as pink box 3, however pictures are used instead of objects. The child is gradually working towards more abstract reading, with only pictures and words.

As the child progresses I will begin to make the boxes more complex by placing pictures that begin with the same letter.

Pink Card:

This is used for further practice with blending and is very similar to pink box 4. The words are kept in an envelope on the back of the card.

Pink box 5:

This box contains six words printed on paper and folded into quarters. The child should take a paper, unfold it, read the word quietly to themselves and then place in on the lid of the box. To make this activity exciting, I use pink level verbs e.g. 'hop'. The children work with the box as a group, one child will take a word, read it silently and then do the action. The other children have to guess what word the child had.

Pink lists:

Here the child will begin reading more words with less visual clues.

Sight words:
Once the child has worked with the lists, begin presenting the Sight words. These should be presented using the '3 period lesson'. It is extremely important at this stage to be consistent with presenting the sight words, I will usually do this daily, presenting individually to each child that is ready. By learning the sight words at this stage, the child will be able to move onto reading phonetic books with ease. You can print a list of sight words here.

Pink Phrases:
Here the child will begin to read simple strings of words. This activity is done in preparation for reading sentences.
Capital letters:

In order to progress further in reading, the child will now need to recognise the capital letters. I have a post about presenting these and free download for the file here.

Pink Sentences:
Here the child will begin to read sentences. This activity is done in preparation for reading books. Explain to the child that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. The child should name the sight words and sound out the phonetic words.

Pink Level Books:
After working with the sentences children can begin reading pink level books. These are books that only contain sight words and pink level words. I have an old post here about the books I used with Little-N, it is really hard to find good books at this level, I have not yet found a series of books that I am completely happy with. If you know of any please let me know. In the meantime, my mother will be writing a series of books to be used with the pink series. I will post about the books once she's completed them.

Now for the giveaway...

I sell a download for the complete pink series materials in my shop. Since I am posting about the pink series here, I would like to giveaway a set for free to one of my readers.

The set includes:

- 36 word cards to match to your own objects
- 48 pictures with 48 word cards to match
- Printable moveable alphabet
- 24 secret words
- 4 word cards [each contains six pictures and six words]
- 16 word lists
- 16 phrase strips
- 12 sentence strips

You can read more about the set here.

To enter the giveaway, simply make sure you are following my blog and leave a comment on this post. Make sure you leave a contact email if it does not show up on your profile or blog.

If you would like more than one entry to the giveaway then..
-Sign up to my shops newsletter and leave a second comment [Sign up at the bottom of shops home page]
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Please note that the winner will receive a email with the downloads for all the PDF files. You are welcome to enter wherever you are on the globe.

This giveaway will end on Friday the 24th of June 2011. The winner will be selected by a random generator and I will update this post for the winner on Saturday and email the winner. If for some reason I can not contact you or, you do not get back to me within one week of the giveaway closing I will choose a new winner.

Good Luck!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Writing A Secret Code

The other day Little-N sat quietly at the dinning table writing something. He was being very secretive. He then explained that he was writing a secret code! He said that when he needs to keep a secret he'll write it in code so no one can read it. He reminded me of myself! Little-N doesn't know this but when I was younger I too made up a code with a friend and till now I'll use it when I need to make note of something secret. I'm amazed that out of nowhere he came up with this code and actually used it too.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little-N has been reading...

A few months ago I wrote this post. Some of you suggested some great books [THANK YOU] I went ahead and bought the ones I could. Here's what Little-N has been reading:

Tales from Rumi, he loves this book! It contains small stories that convey moral and spiritual lessons. We decided to have a discussion after each story to insure that Little-N has taken it all in.

Little-N loved these. I gave him the books one at a time and he sat and read them from cover to cover.

One morning I came downstairs and found Little-N weeping. When I asked him why, he replied sniff sniff ''Charlotte died!'' sniff sniff

He read this book so fast and then asked for another one. I told him that was it for the day, so he read it again!

I'm going to the library tomorrow to see if I can get hold of some other books by E.B. White.

If you know of any more good books for Little-N please let me know, your suggestions are appreciated!