Sunday, 26 June 2011

Winner of Pink Series Giveaway

After consulting with the true number selector [at] the winner of my Pink Series giveaway is.....

Linda: I have emailed you, please reply so I can send you your files.

Thank you to everyone who entered, sorry you didn't win :( I'll be hosting another giveaway soon so keep a look out.

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Jane Jasmine said...

hi there,
i just discovered your blog today and i have been hooked reading old entries for hours (i'm embarrassed to say!).. thank you so much for all your detailed posts!! they are fantastic!! i'm still learning about the montessori method (for 3-6) and your clear explanations have answered so many questions i've had. so thank you thank you for just being you! :) (and how sad am i that i missed out on your awesome giveaways!! maybe next time!)