Thursday, 2 June 2011

Writing A Secret Code

The other day Little-N sat quietly at the dinning table writing something. He was being very secretive. He then explained that he was writing a secret code! He said that when he needs to keep a secret he'll write it in code so no one can read it. He reminded me of myself! Little-N doesn't know this but when I was younger I too made up a code with a friend and till now I'll use it when I need to make note of something secret. I'm amazed that out of nowhere he came up with this code and actually used it too.


Blu Blessings said...

That's really funny! I guess we've all had codes at some point in our life.
I still remember how I once sat with my "life-long bestest friend" and we made up our own code for some crazy reason.
It was fun doing it but drove my mind crazy at times. I started seeing codes everywhere.

I later came to learn that there are codes hidden all over the universe, if we manage to unlock them we'll see wonders.

eddietaylor09 said...

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Blu Blessings said...

Just remembered a good book I once read as a kid, not sure if it's still out there