Saturday, 28 June 2008

Phonic Reading Books

A while ago I did a search online for phonic reading books. I wanted to find something that went well with the Montessori reading series [Pink, blue, green]. It took me a while to find the information I was looking for. Here are a few suitable reading books I found:

  • Song Bird Phonics [Oxford reading tree]. I brought these, they're okay but get boring. Some of the pics are nice but others are not. The stories are not that interesting. However there are three levels and it works okay with the Montessori reading series. You can buy these from amazon.

  • Jelly and Bean: I haven't actually brought these books yet, but I have seen them used in Montessori schools and most teachers said the books are good and interesting. I like the pictures! You can buy these from

  • Bob Books: Some people liked these others said that the stories were boring! You can look through some books on their web site

  • The Phonic Farm books: We use these at school, the pictures are lovely and the characters are repeated. The series matches well with the Montessori materials and are colour coded pink, blue and green as with Montessori materials. You can buy them from amazon or

  • The Montessori Reading program: This is an old series of books written to go with the Montessori pink, blue, green series. However I cant find any links for them. We have them at school but I prefer the Phonic farm Series. Here is the ISBN if anyone is interested in finding them 0948496177.

I actually prefer to give the new reader a one page story with just one picture. It may sound boring, but I find it helps the child to focus on the words and develop their own imagination. I have made some for Little-N and he likes them. If you would like to see one of the stories I wrote click on this link

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Adam said...

Take a look at
They were put together by a Montessori teacher and two designer/artists. I like them, but I'm married to one of the designer/artists!