Monday, 23 August 2010

Animal kingdom Questions

Recently I made these animal question cards to go with the animal kingdom classification work. I made a set for each group fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Each set contains ten questions that children need to research using books to find the answers. I made sure that all the answers could be found in the various books available in the classroom and I colour coded the cards so that the children would know what animal group to look for. Little-N especially loved this activity as he is very fond of all animals and he surprised me with already knowing many of the answers from his reading.

I'm not sure if this activity will be of interest to anyone, if it is you can download them here. The colour coding is Fish- green, amphibians- purple, reptiles-brown, birds-blue and mammals-red. Please make sure all the answers can be found in the resources you provide for the children so that they can find the answers without getting frustrated!


nun said...

The idea is is super....u know u can do it for everything...bodyparts, plants,planets,,everything..u can add it to everything....excellent...astonishing as usual..thank you

Jennifer Williams said...

Hi there,

this is an 'out of context' question but I'd love to know more about your 6-9 course, where you studied, requirements etc as I'm on the home run for my 3-6 and would like to follow on with 6-9!!

Thanks, Jen

Förskoleburken said...

I have an award for you!

Jennifer Williams said...

Hi, thanks for replying to my question.... I'm doing my 3-6 with MCi via distance learning, just doing my TP now. I'd like to do the 6-9 but would prefer something that furnishes me with the information and curriculum lists that I need to home school my girls, rather than a course as full on as the 3-6 as i can't really commit another 2 1/2 years to it and all the course costs, childdcare costs etc! Any suggestions? I'll look at the link you gave me as well, Thanks, Jen

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