Thursday, 26 June 2008

Advanced Life Skills [Practical Life]

In a Montessori 6-9 years class, the practical life area serves a different purpose from that of an Early Childhood Class. The children are already independent and already know how to use most tools. The activities are not focused on developing the child's co-ordination or Independence but rather focused on enhancing the child's skills. The area is therefore re-named as the 'Advanced life skills'.
In the Advanced Life Skills area, the child will have the chance to develop and perfect many essential life skills that they will need to be good citizens of the world. The activities are laid out differently, there are no longer shelves with trays but instead instruction manuals that the children can read. The children have to gather the materials they need to carry out the activity. Also the teacher no longer presents the activities, but instead the child will follow step-by-step written instructions and only ask the teacher if s/he needs assistance.
The Advanced life skills area is divided as follows:
  • Care of Environment [ for example: Changing water in a fish tank, weeding, cleaning a cupboard, making recycled paper]
  • Grace, Courtesy and citizenship [for example: table manners, dealing with feelings, writing a postcard, making a thank you call]
  • Care of self, health and hygiene [ for example: Hand washing clothes, making a salad, dealing with a fire, changing laces on trainers]
  • Manual dexterity, design and construction skills [for example: Making photo frames, creating a story book, making a money box, knitting a scarf, tying a knot, packing a suitcase]

There are many activities that the child will work through and master throughout the next three years. Unfortunately I haven't set up my 6-9 class yet so i cant take pictures, I plan to set it up over the summer holiday. When its ready, I'll post some pics. I have made some Advanced Life skills instruction pages, but I cant post them until they have been marked by college.

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Gigi said...

I would love to see your pictures of these when you are done. I am also working on my 6-9 training so I am very interested in this age group. Do you teach sewing?