Monday, 23 June 2008

Funky Florals

Today has been an extremely busy day. I had college and on my way there the underground line was suspended and I had to change 3-4 times to get to London Bridge Station to catch the train to college. It took more than two hours to get there, exhausting!
This is our third session on the primary course [elementary if your from the US] we just finished the 'Great Lessons'. I'm hoping to post a summary of the lessons with a few links that I found online. But I can't do that tonight!
Little-N has been crafty most of the day and on my return surprised me with a lovely butterfly he made from muffin cases and white sticky labels. Apparently he made and designed it all by himself and it really did look like a butterfly. He said that the muffin cases were the butterflies skeleton!

For some reason my phone keeps switching off, I had it for two years and I guess it needs to rest. I was finding it tough to choose a new phone [I love my old one :( ] but today I fell inlove with this:

Its a Sony ericsson S500i. The floral print is real cute and the size and weight is just right for me. The only problem is that I'm used to Nokia Phones and now I'll have to reprogram my brain. Even the box was cute and it made me feel all special.

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