Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Practical Life: Pouring

Yesterday we revisited the pouring activity. Its funny how most Montessori centers seem to do such a simple activity differently. After a lot of discussion we came up with the final and best presentation [the one I took at MCI London].
Materials needed: 2 glass jugs
Rice or beans
Presentation: Invite the child at the shelf, name the activity then ask the child to take it to the table. The teacher sits on the child's right side. Tell the child 'I will do it first then you can have a turn' or 'I will show you first then you can do it'. The teacher holds the right jug with her right hand using the pincer grip. As u reach out to hold the jug exaggerate the finger move movements. The teacher uses the other hand [left] to support the jug underneath the spout. Lift the jug and slowly pour the water into the left jug. When u have finished pouring, turn the tray around and ask the child to have a turn.
If the child is left handed, sit on the left side of the child and pour using the left hand and left jug!
Extensions :
Pouring Water
Pouring into equal containers
Pouring though a funnel
Pouring to a marked line
Pouring to a measurement

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