Monday, 9 June 2008

Montessori Principles 1

Today we covered 5 of the Montessori principles and authentic practices, here is the list:
  1. Teachers are qualified and understand and believe in the Montessori philosophy in its entirety.
  2. Classes are vertically grouped
  3. A Child-Centered Environment: The focus of activity in the Montessori setting is on children’s learning, not on teachers’ teaching.
  4. Three hour work cycle
  5. Children have free access to a variety of well presented materials appropriate for their age.

With each point we had to answer yes or no. If yes how can we maintain this? If no how can we achieve this?

Some very important points were raised but over all the schools seems to be doing okay. Everything is there but it is as if a hurricane came along and disconnected everything, it needs some tidying up, reorganising and linking.

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