Friday, 19 August 2011

Little-N's beanstalks

This summer Little-N has been enjoying the garden. Here are some photos of the beans he planted:

Little-N noticed how the beans bent towards the sun.

When the plants were big enough we planted them in the vegetable patch with some bamboo sticks.

The beans grew very quickly.

Little-N enjoyed searching for the beans and picking them.

He washed and cut the beans.

He cooked them with some garlic, butter, salt and herbs.

And proudly served it to us for dinner.
He has kept some beans for drying out and planting next year.

Little-N was so happy to completed the the cycle of cooking by planting, caring, picking and cooking.

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Blu Blessings said...

Vegetarian passions,
Is it a non-meat eating household? I'd add some meat cubes to lil-N's mix.

Otherwise, I'd just add the crucial ingredient of thyme.