Saturday, 14 February 2009

Insets for design Art

Recently we started taking the 6-9yrs art curriculum. Art in the montessori classroom has three stages.
1]The development of technique using a variety of tools and media.
2]Developing an appreciation of art and of the natural world
3]Freely expressing ideas and feelings through artistic productions.
Montessori stressed on the importance of the first stage. Here are two quotes that explain the montessori approach to art and creativity.

'To confer the gift of drawing we must create an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, a soul that feels, and in this task the whole life must co-operate. In this sense, life itself is the only preparation for drawing. Once we have lived, the inner spark of vision does the rest.'

'give the technique and fundamental facts that are necessary, and then we allow the child to develop by himself along these lines, and await the result.'

One of the first techniques the children are taught is tracing with the insets for design. This is usually first taught in the 3-6 classroom to prepare the child for writing, however in the 6-9 class this activity is revisited with the intention of creating elaborate geometric designs.

There are several rules when designing with this activity. 
1] The shading should be done by drawing lines close to each other, starting from the left to the right. As the child's skills improve the lines will get closer together and will look more like a solid block of colour. Children are not supposed to colour as usual [back and forth] with this activity.

2] Children should not cross any lines when shading. This becomes harder as the child draws more shapes and the area for shading becomes smaller.

The combination of patterns that can be made with these shapes are endless, however if the children do get bored from them there are alternative shapes that can be purchased. The children can also move onto using the fraction squares for creating designs.

After a child has created a design he should be encouraged to reflect and evaluate his work.

I'll try to upload some more pictures of designs that can be made with the insets for design. My children at school seem to be making so many designs but taking them home to soon for me to take pictures.


Susanne said...

Hi, Thanks for your post! I was inspired and was feeling that our metal insets were getting a little neglected. I gave a lesson to some of my older children in the class about using one inset to make designs and it spread like wildfire. We had some amazing explorations with the metal insets today- thanks!

nun said...

ur instets look nice...especially the curved conrners...very nice..