Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Prismatic Scarf

I needed to knit a blue scarf to wear with my many blue outfits this winter. I thought of knitting the 'so called scarf' but my mother has knit that so many times that I felt my scarf wouldn't be original enough for me. So i went on a scarf pattern hunt and came across this pattern. I really like the stitch and it's very easy to do, however i don't think my yarn was good enough for it. It needs a short colour repeat yarn to really show off its beauty.

I used a long random repeat yarn in blue. As with most of my yarns, I got this from Cairo for a couple of pounds, its great quality, 100% wool and comes is so many colourways. I have a green colourway that I'll be using to knit Little-N a jumper soon.

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