Thursday, 12 March 2009

Homeschooling group

Recently Little-N has been asking me daily if he can be home schooled. Although i absolutely love homeschooling and would prefer to do that, sadly it is not an option at the moment. However luckily i recently met a mother who has been homeschooling her 4 year old son and we agreed to meet weekly to homeschool the children together. Although we would enjoy the company of many other children, we decided to keep it small for the moment, small as in 2 children. The mother is french and will be teaching Little-N french [which he should really learn as most of his fathers family speak french] and I will be working on mathematics with her son as well as montessori based activities. Here's what we did today:

The children made a few patterns with 'A bag of shapes' activity that i recently bought. These shapes are different from the pattern blocks and include other polygons. This particular pattern was Little-Ns.
The children worked with some sewing boards.

I decided it would be wise to check my friends son's [who I will refer to as S] understanding of numbers and quantity. We worked with the cards and counters which he really enjoyed. These are not actually counters but magnetic chips [that's all i could find to use] don't you think they look great?
We then went on to working with the short bead stair. I did the first presentation in which you show the child how to count and build the short bead stair. S was really excited and so was I since it has been a long time since I presented this activity. I suddenly felt I'd missed the 3-6 class. It was really interesting to work with a non-montessori child and see how they do things differently.

The children also took Animals and colours in french. Little-N came home and was pleased with his new language and he has been using bits of it here and there.

I'm excited I think we're gona have a great time learning together.

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Amber said...

Hi! This is a great post :)

I can't wait to see more of your activities! I might keep this idea in mind too... and see if I can gather 1 or 2 other Montessori families for a once a week homeschooling morning. As I'm starting to gather more materials I would really like Lovely to see other children interacting with them also.

Thanks for sharing :)