Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lego Golden beads

Here is an alternative to the Montessori golden bead material that can be used at home. I was inspired to make this for Little-N to practice his golden beads equations, for the past three months he has been totally obsessed with lego and spends a lot of time playing with it. He gives all the piece numerical names, so I took it one step further and we made 10 bars, 100 squares and a 1000 cube [only have enough lego for one 1000 cube].
Here are the ten bars we made.

Here are the 100 squares and one 1000 cube

And here is little-N using the lego golden bead material to do some addition sums. These aren't ideal, but make a good alternative for those who are on a tight budget or to spice up the activity a bit.


Miri said...

Wow! Never thought of using lego instead of the gold beads! Thank you so much for this idea!
I might be come for a visit in London in a month or so. So I meant to ask you, if I may, where do you buy your materials (simple things like child sized materials, counters etc.)? Is there any company similar to Montessori Services in the UK? Then, where do you buy the sensorial Montessori materials?
Thank you, Miri

nopinkhere said...

That's cool! I've been trying to summon the energy to make a bead set myself, but I never seem to be willing to do it. Legos make a lot of sense as a secondary option

Four Little Penguins said...

Thank you for the Lego idea!!!!
I've been struggling with the beads and it just wasn't coming together.
And, I've been looking for a reason to talk DH into buying legos and this is perfect!

Unknown said...

Loving this & have posted my version (inspired by you :) tonight.

I couldn't work out how to make the 100 square however... I was thinking that you'd need tape on the underside or something? What's the trick?!

Unknown said...