Thursday, 2 April 2009

March's pictures

Here are some pictures I took this month. The children at school work independently most of the time and I am usually just there helping out when needed. This term has really been successful and my class has progressed so well. I'm proud of all my children :)
Little-N reading independently. Reading is one of the most popular activities in my class. Some children read about 6 books per work cycle. [Note: Little-N has finally had a hair cut!!!]
This picture is really special as Little-N doesn't like to sit and eat with anyone, however somehow his best friend managed to convince him.
Here a child is working with the pin maps. This is very easy to present, I just show the child how to use the control to find the flag and then to place it in the correct place. I leave the child to work with this independently then.....
Just a week later she sat and placed 20 flags of Europe in the correct places from memory. This girl was once told by a professional doctor that she had memory problems, she's proved them wrong!!!
Little-N working with the green series 'oo box', using the small moveable alphabet to spell the words.
Someone proud of her grammar work.
A castle Little-N made from the polydrons.
Practicing hand writing in the garden.
Matching fraction circles to fraction symbols.
Land form cards.
Flag cards for matching.
Working in the garden, the child have free access to the garden when weather permits.
Two boys busy with a written hundred chart.
Writing a story about a fairy. Girls!!!
Practicing her handwriting on special paper.


Susanne said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I am very interested in that picture of your garden. What are those structures? What else is in the garden?



Gigi said...

Hi N, I love these pictures and the garden! It is lovely. I know this is the first year for this class, how many students did you start with and have now? How many hours are the children in school?

Renée said...

Thanks for all of the lovely pictures - your classroom seems like a productive and peaceful place!

I hope you won't mind if I ask you a question about the student working with the pin maps - I notice that she's wearing hearing aids (you may recall from one of my recent posts that my youngest daughter has a hearing impairment). I enlarged the picture, and it looks like she's wearing an FM boot. Do you wear the FM transmitter? Would you mind telling me how that's working out for her and you?


nun said...

i noticed the haircut;;what happend???the pictures are

Unknown said...