Monday, 6 April 2009

Home Learning Environment

Easter holiday is here and Little-N & I are staying put in London. Yesterday I decided to set up Little-Ns learning environment in the conservatory. It's been years since he had a proper learning environment at home, the last few years have involved so much house moving I never felt  ready to make one.
This large shelf unit was unused, the chairs and table where in the store room and activities where in my bedroom cupboard/drawers. This isn't an area where I plan to teach him, but just somewhere he can work/play and learn on his own.

I have a selection of different activities out:
Books: his encyclopedias and appropriate reading level books.
Crafts: All sorts of bits and bobs, glue, tape, paper, beads, play dough and painting. 
Mathematics: Addition chart A and B, golden beads activities. 
Sensorial and  Geometry: Pattern blocks stamps, colour box 3, tessellation shapes, pentominoes, constructive triangles box  6, puzzles, tangram and blocks.
Language: Chalk board, writing paper, reading books. I'm hoping to make some of the green level sentences that he is working on at school. 
I also have a few materials for learning Arabic: Basket of animals [to learn names], Arabic cut out letters [instead of moveable alphabet], Arabic dictionary.
I also have a microscope activity on the shelf  which I presented to Little-N this morning.
The activities are all self contained and mats are provided where needed.

I'm hoping to add a few more things over the next few days, let me know if you have any ideas :)


My Boys' Teacher said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the links in my blogroll...that's what they're their for, troll through them at will. It's hard to believe myself that I READ all those blogs, thank goodness for RSS feeds.

I read your blog whenever you post, thank you for blogging. The learning area looks great!

Paul and Ines said...

what a great area! your son must love it also. I wish we had a defined space..i'm jealous :)