Monday, 4 May 2009

A few pics from April

Measuring in feet.
Little-N measuring in feet

Little-Ns spaceship.  This was taken on his Birthday, he didn't want a party,  just gifts. So now Little-N is 5.
Little-N in the garden, now that he's 5 he wont stop climbing and doing dangerous things [Which I'm loving BTW].

Living, non-living and once living Venn diagram.
Understanding the relationships between the squares in the Decanomial Square activity.

Building the Decanomial Square
Using a Microscope to examine a dead wasp we found on the window sill.
Students embroidery
Food chain activity
Peace Game
Grammar presentation
Building the short bead stair pyramid.

The grammar files that I posted about last week are no longer on eBay as I just found out that its against eBay policies to sell digital delievered materials. So I have move the file to Lulu  [thanks to the idea given to me by Jo]. 


Amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE-N!!! 5 is such a wonderful number :)

Hi there too N ;)

Loving that 'Living, non-living and once living Venn diagram' - While I haven't officially done living/non-living here yet I had noticed that there can be some confusion around the issue. What a great way to clarify that confusion!

Virginie said...

Hello N,
Wondering about your food chain presentation and teaching...
My 4-year-old keeps asking about what happened to the animals from which our fish, meat, eggs come from: I have kept my answers fairly succinct so far, as he seems to be avoiding all kinds of meat since he saw me cutting a roast chicken. Would you recommend I expand as long as his curiosity is not satisfied? Thanks for your advice. Virginie