Sunday, 19 July 2009

Little-N’s fascination with creepy crawlies

For the last few months Little-N has been obsessed with bugs. He’s been finding them, keeping them, feeding them, watching them grow and researching all about them. He's been a lucky little boy as most of the times the bugs find him instead of him searching.

This is a stag beetle that Little-N found in the logs at school.

This is a stag beetle larva that Little-N found in the logs at school. We kept it for a few days at home and Little-N was so attached to it. He actually carried it and kept it in his pocket for a while!!!

Bees are his favourite and surprisingly he is able to catch them and carry them for a walk with only one sting so far. He thinks bees are the best insects as they make the honey he loves with his breakfast.
Here's one of the many caterpillars Little-N found. We kept this one and it turned into a moth.

Little-N was extremely lucky to witness a caterpillar transform into a pupa.
Little-N has also been climbing a tree that fell down in a storm.

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