Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Pictures from June

Here are some pictures from last month, too much was going on and I didn't always have the luck of catching the amazing things on camera. The children have all done so well and its sad to see this school year end. Last month I presented Great Lesson 1, but all the pictures came out fuzzy so I'll have to represent it and take some more photos to share with you.
Little-N working on some addition sums in a workbook. We don't usually work from workbooks, but sometimes the children like it after working with the concrete material.
Grammar : Definite and indefinite article game
Making Origami frogs and butterflies.
Patterns made on geometric peg board.
A caterpillar in a Pupa.
Great Lesson 1: The bright light
Independent research on sharks done by two students 5 yrs and 6yrs.
Little-N working with the long 5 bead chain and magically he can now count in 5s.
Addition with the stamp game with change.
Grammar: Infinitive Verb
Grammar: Practice with farm and grammar symbols
Little-N sticking in some pictures in his science book the pictures are of living things that are either from the plant or animal Kingdom, the children found these pictures on on the Internet and made their own sticking worksheet.
Working with the green box 'ee' and the small moveable alphabet.
The 1000 chain that was too long for my class. The children did this two days in a row in a group of three children.

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