Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Little-n is 6

Little-N was six two weeks ago. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how quickly he is growing up. He's already started on Montessori's second plane of development and I can see the changes. It's exciting, but worrying as more demanding issues arise and I have to figure out the right way to handle it [sometimes I fail dreadfully]. He's a lovely intelligent boy, but as with all he has his ups and downs. He's changing so quick and I thought it might be a good to document his achievements here, so that next year I can look back and see the difference.

Little-N loves to:

He loves reading. Everywhere we go he finds himself a book and sits in the corner reading. He enjoys reading chapter books and prefers to read them alone. He'll read a minimum of two hours a day and a lot more on the weekend or holidays. He loves Roald Dahl's books. He spends most of his time reading an encyclopedia or facts books. He spends ages reading all about knights, dragons, sharks, lions, history and has a special fascination with fierce animals. Lately we started quizzing him about the things he reads and its amazing how much he knows :)

TV and computer games
I have no TV at home and he doesn't go on my laptop. I made this decision years ago when I saw the effect of TV and games on other children. He may occasionally watch a DVD at a friends house, but it can't just be anything. He knows how to use WORD but I tend to keep him away from it until his writing skills are better. Because there is no TV/games, he reads a lot, plays with lego and makes things. I plan to keep him away from TV/games for as long as possible.

[Here he has placed the stamps in the shape of the numbers]
Little-N is one of those children born with a mathematical mind. He is constantly working things out and reasoning with numbers. So far he is able to do 4 digit complex additions and subtraction sums without any help. He can count in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s and can work out the rest if he needs to. He understands multiplication and division well and will work out sums in his head. He likes geometry and has a good understanding of shapes and patterns.

If you have a question, ask Little-N, he either knows the answer or knows where to look. One of the best things I ever did was show him how to use an encyclopedia.

Writing and spelling:
This is where Little-N is struggling. His writing is a mess and his spelling is hilarious. He just isn't bothered with getting it right. As far as he is concerned if it makes sense to him then it's okay. I hope that the following months will see improvement in these areas.

Physical skills:
Little-N has good fine motor skills, he draws very detailed pictures, can sew, tie bows... BUT... he seems to have a problem with gross motor activities like climbing up a climbing frame and running fast. There are three reasons for this, one he'd rather sit and read and two he isn't bothered if he looses a race and three he has a huge fear of falling and getting hurt. Something we're trying to work on.

Socially he's great with everyone. He has good self control and manners. He's been hit a couple of times and his reply is 'I am not going to hit you back, its not good to hurt people, GOD will deal with this.' He's not a wimp but he just doesn't see the point of having a fight. I'm really proud of that!!! It's important to me that he doesn't copy bad behaviour.
There are things he is great at and things he needs work on. The beauty of the Montessori method is that he never feels failure even when he is doing bad at something. He always has support to further his development in each area, without being held back or pushed forwards. I'm glad I chose Montessori for him, its definitely been the best.


Annicles said...

Happy Birthday Little N. Six is a great age to be.

N, don't worry about the mistakes, we all make them and I am sure that you are doing far more good than making mistakes. Anyway, I am sure that Little n learns something valuable from your mistakes (that's what I tell myself!)

jojoebi-designs said...

happy birthday to little-n!

You have been featured on The Montessori Goldmine, please pop over and have a look, if you are not happy with the post please let me know, I will happily remove it. If you are happy, please help me spread the word, help yourself to a badge and tell all your friends. Thanks,

kps said...

I have been visiting your blog for last few weeks for the montessori method you use in your 6-9 classroom. I really enjoyed reading your posts. Happy birthday to your son!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to Little N! Sounds like your life has been super busy! Good luck with school! I loved how little N made the numbers with the stamps!!