Friday, 28 May 2010

Unexpected changes

I never thought I'd say this, but very sadly my class closed today. It hasn't sunk in yet, I feel broken. My class is packed up. Things started to go wrong a couple of months ago, problems with the head and her daughter. The 6-9 class was a trial, but I never imagined it would end so quick. I tried so hard to make things work, I put my heart and soul into the school. I think I was probably the only person taking it so seriously and now its gone. On Monday this week I had no idea the class was closing just yet, but on Wednesday the decision was made to close by the end of the week. When I started the school, I was warned not to do so too much for it, but being the way I am I had to do all the extras. I now know my lesson that I will only put so much effort into my OWN school, when I know its there for good.

The Montessori method was perfect for the children and benefited all of them. However the school building was to small to accommodate for the needs of the older children. Some of the children I taught this year will continue with me and the rest will be going into mainstream. Those who are staying on, are committed to the Montessori method.

My plan is to set up my own home-schooling support centre, where I have children coming for 4 days a week and evening session for home-schooling parents who want advice on using Montessori. I'm excited, but sore. I have one week to set up another class at home for those children I am teaching. I'll keep you informed on my progress.


Kathy said...

This is a great idea. I actually
run my program from
is great. You control the number
of students, your hours etc.
Just make sure you have a good
policy set up for payment that
works for you and keep to your, it's still your home!
I learned to get payment up front
for a set number of sessions and
limit the number of children
to a similar levels or by family.
That way parents can help.

jojoebi-designs said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear about your school.
I double what Kathy says, I have many friends here who teach English out of their homes and many who complain about it.
I recommend payment up front too, it is easy to set up direct debit these days and set some rules for those entering your home, where they are and are not allowed to go etc.
Good luck with it all, it sounds like a great idea

Unknown said...

I love your commitment to your students and the montessori method. Yes, hard work does pay off, and with your commitment level you will sure see success!! I operate a licensed daycare and under that umbrella I guide with the montessori method. All but few of my clients I receive reimbursement from the Department Of Human Services. Not much money, but it helps. Materials and time is expensive, but the opportunity to reach children who would never be exposed to the "prepared enviroment" is high. Yes, get payment first, its just good business. Your passionate it will work out in your favor, and the kids favor. Good Luck!!

Paul and Ines said...

The same thing happened to me last I, too, made lemonade of the lemons....I'm am busy & full ...most of all blessed! Good luck & the best is yet to come! Can't wait to hear!

nopinkhere said...

I'm sorry this happened and with such short notice too!
I'm sure you will find a way to work everything out. It sounds like you have some good plans. There's a mom I know who's committed to the Reggio method and has successfully gone from a home-based situation to a stand alone school, so I know it can be done!

Annicles said...

Bummer. Take a deep breath, watch Eurovision tonight - it'll give you a good giggle and take your mind off it for a couple of hours and then get going tomorrow.

My experience of watching a school being set up is to make sure all the admin side of things is well taken care of. If that means that you have a day where Little-N goes to a friends or to an organised activity at the same time every week it'll be better for every one for you to be organised from the beginning.Do your admini - invoicing and bills etc weekly and do NOT let it build up!

Make sure you get everyone, adult and child to sign agreements - adults sign the contract for payments etc, read it to them and show them the late payment clause - ie. there is a surchrge and the child signs a contract agreeing which parts of the house they go into and the type of behaviour they agree to. You need a Charter or similer stating your aims and objectives, policies and rules, and the ethos of your school. It sounds really formal but you will be inspected and need this type of documentation, unfortunately.

However, it sounds like a really good plan and very exciting. If I were a parent who had taken that leap of faith in putting my child into a non-mainstream school I would be furious at how quickly it has been folded. It doesn't say much for the professionalism of the head of your former school.

Miri said...

Sometimes we need the life to be a bit bitter for us to make us get closer to ourselves. I guess this is what is happening to you. I have a great belief in your commitment and work. And I know that these children will benefit so much from your OWN school. The times might be not easy for the meantime. But I honestly think this is for the best. Good luck!!!

N from the Learning Ark said...

A big thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and support. I will take your advice and keep you filled in. Somewhere inside me I feel that it's much better this way.

Alycia in Va. said...

Everything happens for a reason. You must be destined for a better opportunity! Best of luck.

nun said...

i'm sorry for what happened...but at the end u r a better organizer for your work if are on your own...i think so....u can do it,,no is better...yes it is inshallah...and wish i were there with you...don't u have a vacancy???assistan??anything???take care and smile.

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