Saturday, 12 June 2010

Classroom #5 set up

This week has been crazy, packed with assignments and setting up my class [for the fifth time]. Here is a quick tour of what I have set up so far.
The library.
This will be the language shelf with some geometry materials on the left.
Mathematics self 1. Due to lack of space I have had to stack some materials.
Second mathematics shelf, still needs more materials.
Cultural shelf. I got the shelf unit for free from free-cycle. It's perfect for the maps, with space for a basket to go beside the maps. I haven't ordered my maps yet.
Annabel snoozing in the mathematics area.
Unfortunately I was not able to take many of the materials I made in my last job. I will have to remake many which takes ages. I still have lots to do in my class, but with only three children I can take my time. For now I have most of the materials my children need, and will be adding to the classroom when needed. Hopefully in the summer I will work on completing everything and remaking all the materials I left behind.


Annicles said...

I am so pleased you have been able to set up and start again. It looks lovely already and at least with three children you won't need all the materials immediately. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your classroom.

Discovering Montessori said...

Your classroom looks great!!

Leptir said...

You have so beautiful classroom :-)

nun said...

Good job,dear...just like expected and more....go on...when r u going to tell me about the materials???

Gigi said...

Looks great! You are so lucky to have found such a great shelf for your maps. I need a shelf for my maps. I like that you can put a basket next to each map. So sorry you have to re-make materials. I know how much time that takes.