Saturday, 19 June 2010

Activities of the week : June 2010

Here are some pictures of this weeks work. My class has three children Big-S who is nine and a half, Little-N who is 6 and Little-S who is almost 6.
Little-S working with the plain binomial cube.
Big-S making patterns from geometric tiles.
Big-S learning the names of the counties of England and Wales. I got this map at a car boot sale for £1.50.
Little-S working with ten beads. Revising quantities till 90.
Little-S working with the Teen board and beads.
Little-N on a trip to science museum to visit 1001 inventions exhibition.
Children baked cinnamon rolls.
Little-N having lunch in the garden.
Little-N working with 6 bead chain.
Little-N building the Eiffel tower.
Little-S working with a tangram.
Little-N reading history books
Little-S working with continent map work.

Big-s cutting out hexagons and pentagons. More details in a separate post.
Big-S sewing hexagons together
Little-N's work with grammar symbols.
Little-N working on division board.
Big-S constructed a bucky ball, the kit is from here.
Big-s making a buggy kit.


Annicles said...

Looks like your class hit the ground runnung! How often do you have school? Are the parents also doing lessons at home with thier children? I love the map - we have a similar one with Scotland and Ireland included and one for all of Europe. My daughter was the only child at school who could label a map of Europe accurately and it was al because of the puzzle map we have at home. They come up on ebay quite often for around £5.

nun said...

I like ur pics so much...waiting for more...Happy for you...