Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Finished Assignments

I have just finished all my assignments and portfolio for my Montessori Degree course. I will be handing them in tomorrow morning. Hours, days, weeks and months have gone into completing this course. Wish me luck!


Kathy said...

Super congrats! I know how much
work it is and feel your joy. When
I tried to share how happy I was
to have finished my coursework after
3 years of classes, albums, workshops and exams with people at church I got rather blank stares as alot of people have no idea what
Montessori is nor how much work
it is to finish a diploma! Congrats
again and may it be for you and
your children's benifit for generations to come...my grandkids
are in a Montessori school now!
(I like to take a little credit...)

nun said...

Looks great....it really does i wish you all the luck....hope to hear from you soon...

nopinkhere said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it feels lovely to have that all finished! May you get a wonderful result!

SMS The Job said...

Hey,great creation....:)

Keep it up!!!