Friday, 9 July 2010

Pictures of our latest work

I have had a busy few weeks, I finally finished my Montessori Foundation Degree and thought that I would have plenty of free time. However I was wrong, I discovered a pile of things that needed doing, things that I have neglected for the last six months. School has been great, it's calm with plenty of time for me to make materials as the children work. I have been adding materials to the classroom daily and will post about each section once it's completed. For now, here are some pictures of the work the children have done:


Little-s has been working through the blue series of reading materials. He can read and write in French and need to learn the differences when reading or writing in English.
Big-S has been working on the 'Suffix' this is presentation 1.
Suffix presentation 3.
Little-S working with the blue cards and moveable alphabet.

Big-S revising all the grammar symbols before we move onto the next part of speech.
Little-N cutting words into syllables.

Little-S has mastered the binomial cube and is now working on the trinomial cube.

Big-S was making patterns using different triangles. She was looking at how different angles change the patterns.

Little-N completed the decanomial squares.


Big-S has complete a country research on Spain. I downloaded the sheet from Montessori En El Hogar and translated it into English.
Little-S and Little-N have been matching animals to their continents. I downloaded these cards from here.
Little-S has learnt all the continents and was able to match the cards.
Big-S has been enjoying science experiences using a kit that I bought from a car boot sale.

Mathematics and Geometry:

Little-N has been working on the 6 bead chain.
Little-S has been working with the tens beads counting from 1 -99.
Big-S is working on her multiplication tables and factors. Here she is working with the Pythagoras board.
Big-S has been working with angles, I copied this idea from this blog.

Here Big-S is matching numbers from the Pythagoras board to their relevant times tables.
Little-N is really enjoying the division board. He has worked with it so much over the last two weeks that he is now beginning to work out the hard answers without using the board.
Big-S has been practising on the division charts.

Big-S is still working on her sewing project.

Little-S working on the Tens board.


Paul and Ines said...

there is some great work being done...i love snapshots into classrooms

Gigi said...

It looks so wonderful! Thank you for all of the photos!

Evenspor said...

I remember last year you made a lovely felt checkerboard. I would like to make one, but I have no idea what size to make it. How big are the squares on the one you made?

SophieRJ said...

Love your blog. I am setting up my first elementary classroom in a new school in September and would love to pick your brains on a few things. Do you have an email address so that I can email you please? mine is

Leptir said...

So interesting activities!! Geography activities are my favourites :-)