Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What shall I do next

Thank you for your comments on my last post.

I'm at this cross road where I am not sure which path to take. I have two options for my studies next year. Either I take the Montessori 9-12 training or I take a one year degree course and finish off with a Montessori Degree.

Jo asked me what options each course would give me at the end.

For the 9-12 course: Firstly I can extend my class to cover older children. I will also study the elementary materials at a greater depth. My original plan was to do the 9-12 course so that I can teach Little-N up to the age of 12. After completing it I will be Montessori trained from 0-12, however it's only the Montessorians who value this. My college has explained that they do not know if they will run the 9-12 again, so if I miss this course I may not get another chance to train near by.

Degree: The course will be heavily based on leadership and management from a Montessori perspective. At the end I will be qualified to run and manage a Montessori Nursery. The degree is focused on the ages 0-6 and doesn't have much to do with the age group I teach now. Also if I complete a degree I can get trained as a Montessori trainer and start to give courses. Having a degree has some advantages: Better paid job [which doesn't effect me as I am self employed], more respect and acknowledgement from parents and other professionals in the Education field. If I do not enrol on the degree this year, I can always do it in the future.

Jen: My heart is telling me to do the 9-12 and just focus on teaching.

What do you think?


My Child's Diary said...

It sounds like you have already decided... and just want to be sure about it...:)
I agree with you - if I were you, I would take the 9-12 training. And only because you cannot know if you could get this training later, and you will definitely need it as Little-N will for sure reach this age, even if he won't be homeschooled then.
You can always complete a degree later, if you are still interested in this. By the way, I personally never care about one's education to respect him - what matters for me is the person himself, not the documents he possesses. And from what I've learned about you (little though but still), parents (and other professionals) already respect you. They followed you even when you left you work, just because they thought you would be the best teacher for their children.
Listen to your heart... I think it speaks loud enough..:)

nopinkhere said...

The 9-12 training sounds more pertinent to you right now. It also sounds like you could more easily choose to delay the degree program. Given that it's only a year-long program, I'd say go for the 9-12! Much success!

Jennifer Williams said...

It's so much easier if some one else would make the decision isn't it?!

Montessori is becoming more recognised and valued and expanding into the maintained sector and Montessori teachers who are qualified from 6-12 are even more like gold dust in the UK than those trained 3-6!! So there are porspects and potential for recognition outside your self-employment.

As others have mentioned.....it might not run again!

P.S can I pick your brains when my daughter turns 6 please?? :-)

Jen x

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Blog award for you! =)



jojoebi said...

I think you have decided but I would do the 9-12 since it may not be available in the future and like you said, you can do the degree at a later date.

joven said...

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nun said...

9 -12 without thinking....and u can do it easily i am sure:)

Jennifer Williams said...

Hi there.... I have an award for you!

jenni x