Monday, 26 July 2010

I Passed!!!

I received an unexpected letter the other day. I opened it up expecting it to be another bill or some junk mail. But too my surprise the letter read 'You have successfully passed your Foundation Degree'.
I'm so happy, the course took a lot of effort. I wrote many essays and read so many books. During the middle of the course I felt like giving up, I wanted my life back. Somehow I found the strength and I continued and now I feel really proud of myself.

This leaves me wondering what is should do next year. I have the opportunity to take the Montessori 9-12yrs course or I can take a BA Montessori course. Both will take one year of intense studying . However the BA course is heavily essay based, while the 9-12 course has a lot of practical work that I love.
So the choice is between having a BA in Montessori or Being trained up to the age of 12.
What would you do??


jojoebi-designs said...

whoopie - congratulations.
As for what to do next, what kind of option would the different courses give you at the end of the day? Which direction do you want to go in?

Even if it is a year of intense study, if that would help you more in the long run I would go for that, that doesnt help much does it?

Miri said...


Montessori en el hogar said...


Jennifer Williams said...

Both give you different options.... the 9-12 broadens your skills within Montessori itself and gives you scope to expand your business and understanding of Montessori...... the BA gives you a more generalised qualification that although Montessori based is more transferable to other early years environments..... what does your heart tell you?


Leptir (Nataša) said...

WOW! Congrats!

Gigi said...

Congratulations!! So wonderful!