Thursday, 4 December 2008

Addition with golden beads

Little-N has been doing addition with the golden beads. He is able to do mental addition with numbers up to ten. Now that he is quite confident with that I decided to extend his knowledge about addition and go beyond the ten. I made some addition questions for him to work on by himself. On the right of the mat above, you can see the question card 53+35. He collect the small number cards and then the golden beads for each quantity.
He then counted them together at the bottom of the mat starting with the units. He collect the large number cards. You have to use small number cards for the adding numbers and large number cards for the answer so that they children can see that we add two small numbers together to form one big number.

He then turned over the question card to see if he got his answer correct... and he did this time.
You can download the cards for this lesson from here. It contains a few equation cards that the children can work through when doing addition with the golden beads. Make sure you glue the correct answer cards onto the back of the questions.


Annicles said...

How long do leave it until you introduce changing, or will you introduce subtraction, multiplication and division without changing first? I know all the theory but haven't done it in practice yet!!!

Was Little N very impressed with himself?!

N from the Learning Ark said...

Hi Annicles, thanks for leaving a comment. I would move Little-N straight onto the change activity as he has fully understood what to do without changing. He has also done the practice game where i give him a large number of beads and get him to change them when he reaches ten. Once he's done addition with change I'll move onto subtraction. He enjoyed it, however the numbers he was working with simple weren’t big enough for him. He looks at the millions!!!

Mz Bel. said...

Thanks for explaining the timing question, I too know the theory but am still putting it all into practice.