Friday, 5 December 2008

Geometric Star Card

On Monday it will be Eid, many of the children in my class are Muslim and will be celebrating this festival. I needed to come up with an Eid card making idea that was original, fun and linked to something we have already been working on. After a lot of thinking and brain storming, I settled with an Islamic geometric star pattern for the card's design. The children have already developed a good understanding of how shapes fit together by working with the constructive triangles and pattern blocks. Many already make geometric patterns while working with the pattern block, so although this star might seem a bit complicated it's actually quite easy for them.

I designed a sheet with shapes that I can print off for the children to cut out. You can print the sheets from here. Each page needs to be printed on a different colour card inorder to have a multi coloured star. The cutting needs accurate cutters and great fine motor skills, so if the children aren't quiet ready for that then get an older child to help you cut a prepare them for the younger children.

Once all the pieces are cut, you simple start sticking them into place. Start with the octagon and then stick the small triangles around it and finally the large kite shape. Little-N found the shape arranging very easy and was very happy with his end result. We added some glitter and text to finish it off.

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