Monday, 6 October 2008

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks are one of my favourite additions to a Montessori class. So much learning can take part when playing and making patterns with them. In my 6-9 class I have a tub of pattern blocks that the children can get out and make patterns with. Usually a child would be introduced to this activity when they have completed the early sensorial materials. With the older children we use the shapes to see how each shape fits together. First we start off with seeing how 1 shape can fit together and what patterns can be made using one shape. Next we see what shapes we can make from putting other shapes together. As the child progresses through the Montessori materials he will learn to measure the angles and calculate how many shapes are needed to complete a particular angle or fill an area. I also love the workbooks with designs that the children can copy with the pattern blocks, Little-N used to spend lots of time making patterns but is no longer interested in making any patterns.

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