Saturday, 11 October 2008

Recycled Autumn Tree

As I was eating a Ferrero Rocher a great idea came to mind. The golden wrappers were to good to just throw away! I just brought a leaf shape paper cutter and I was sure that the golden wrappers would make great leaves.
I doubled the Ferrero Rocher wrapper and punched loads of leaves out. My mother then got out a marzipan bar that was covered in red foil, of course I pinched the foil and punched some leaves out of that too. I used an old brown envelope for the background, using a black pen I drew an outline of a tree. I then randomly stuck the leaves on using PVA glue.

1 comment:

nun said...

And you ate the choclate all alone????nnnnnnnn......hope u r fine..the tree looks GREAT.....