Monday, 13 October 2008

The lesson that hurts

Sadly, today the school hamster 'Lilly' past away. It was a sad morning for the whole school. We gathered for a group meeting where we discussed with the children that Lilly's time with us had ended and she has now left this world to go to a better place. The looks on the children's faces were so touching. We discussed how everything living has an end and gave examples of flowers that die, fruits that rot and pets that pass away. We asked the children what they would like to do with Lilly now that she is dead, Little-N suggested that we bury her in the garden. So we did, we placed her in a cardboard box, dug a hole, everyone said goodbye and she was gently placed in her grave. Each child got a pebble and we decorated her grave with it. On the last pebble we wrote ' We will always miss you Lilly'. The older children were tearful, the younger children didn't quite understand. Some children asked what will happen to her, will the worms eat her? will a stag beetle break her box? will she feel hurt? today was a sad learning experience for each one of them.

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