Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Great Lesson 3: Fundamental Human needs

For my training course I had to make a timeline to use with one of the Great lessons. I chose to make the Golden timeline that can be used for Great lesson 3, 4 and 5. This timeline is made up of 23 pieces of gold A4 card, each piece represents a quarter of a century. The timeline starts at 3500 BCE and goes all the way to 2000CE.

When using this timeline for Great lesson 3 the children can study the following civilizations: Early Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Roman Empire, Dark Ages, Medieval Times, Enlightenment and Modern Times. The child will study the fundamental human needs and see how each civilization met each need [More about fundamental needs in another post if i find the time!].

I made the transport cards [one of fundamental needs] these cards show how transport developed through time and changed with each civilization. The first picture above shows the cards I made: 1. Picture card 2. Label and 3. Information card . The second picture shows the folder I made to keep them in.

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