Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Its snowing outside!

Its been a long time since I last blogged. We've been very busy with moving houses. All the packing, unpacking and putting up Ikea furniture. The time goes past so fast I didn't realise how long I haven't posted for. Me and Little-N are now on a very needed half-term holiday. I haven't planned much for this week although I do hope to take him to a Zoo and perhaps a castle.

This morning I woke up to frosted grass, its delightful to see the winter slowly crawl its way in [its actually snowing outside right now]. I have many idea's for knitting projects for this year. On my list for Little-N are: Aran Jumper, hooded cardigan, 2 hats, vest tops and a nice pair of warm sock. I decided to spoil myself this year and knit myself a few things [usually i knit for other people and freeze instead] I'd like to knit myself a scarf, a long warm cardigan, wrist warmers, leg warmers, a cable hand bag and a shawl that I have already started [and will post abt soon].

I'm looking for science resources for some of the projects I'll be doing with the children over the next few months. I came across this great website that seems to have many amazing resources. I can't wait to order!

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