Saturday, 11 October 2008

My Little Knights

Lately Little-N has had a fascination with dragons, as usual he spread his interest and all the boys started to get obsessed with dragons. As a montessori teacher I try to take every opportunity to extend their learning so from dragons we have go on to study history, geography and language. Now we are working on a project of Castles and knights [and dragons of course]. We started with the story of St George and the dragon, which lead us to knights and then to Castles. Now were planning a trip to visit a castle.

During a project, I sometimes simply open up an encyclopedia and read from it or let them read it if possible. I don't always have a plan for what I'll do next, then children work that all out without any help from me. So as I was reading about castles one child said he wanted to make a castle: great opportunity for me to bring in lessons about land and human needs. Another child was so fascinated by knights and he wanted to know how they're different from modern day soldiers. And then of course they all decided they have to be knights.

This week we made shields. We looked at different designs and each child picked their favourite [Little-N's with a dragon of course]. Here are some pictures of how we made the shields. Next week we will be making swords!

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