Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Recently we added the Bindeez activity to our creative area. This is similar to 'Hama beads' that are used to make designs and then you iron to join the beads, however with the Bindeez you don't need an iron, just water. The activity consists of: a tray, a small bowl to hold the balls, a Bindeez tray and tweezers. The child choose a template from the drawer and then uses the tweezers to place the balls in the correct place on the Bindeez mat. Once the child has finished his design, he takes the spray bottle, fills it and then sprays the design. We then leave them overnight on the window sill to dry.

We keep the extra templates, refill balls and spray bottle in a little drawer on the shelf where the activity is kept. We also made some 3-D designs with them. The pictures are of Little-N working hard with this activity.

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