Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's getting cold....

So Winter is obviously on its way and the cold is slowly creeping in. When its cold I get into knitting mode. Usually I never dress Little-N in any knitwear unless its handmade. Each winter he gets new hats, jumpers and cardigans. I knit all winter until the weather starts to get warm.

Last winter I made Little-N this aran jumper
I made it without a pattern, all in one piece from top down on circular needles. Luckily it was too big for him last winter and it fits beautifully this winter.

To start this winter off I knitted him this hat:
Again without a pattern, I wanted something that will keep his ears warm and that little bit of his neck covered. I wish I had time to type up the pattern so that I can share it with everyone, at the moment I don't SORRY!
A friend asked me: 'When do you knit? you haven't got any time!'
Answer: I knit in the school meeting every morning, while everyone is discussing the day, my needles are racing. I have a knitting project I keep in my class and whenever I have a chance between presentations and observations I sit on a chair and start knitting. The children love this and many will choose to watch me knit. Each lunch break you'll find needles in my hand and many days I'll prefer it over food. I knit if I'm on the train and I knit when I am stressed and need to calm down. Yes, I am addicted especially when its winter.

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Paul and Ines said...

I'm so jealous...I love to watch a knitter!! My aunt makes beautiful blankets...& I love Little N's new winter attire.