Monday, 29 December 2008


Today we had fun with a spiramouse [an automatic Spirograph], its really easy to use and Little-N enjoyed the beautiful patterns he could make. The spiramouse is quite cool as you can place up to 13 pens at the same time to make all sorts of patterns. All you do is place the pens, press a button and watch.

Even Annabel [the cat] enjoyed it.
Little-N choose coordinating colours and when finished doing all the patterns he could fit on a single piece of paper, he cut them out and we made window hangers.


nun said...

welcome is ur cold???hope u r better now....i me have 1 questions and one statement..the statement: we have one like this spriamouse but we do it with a ruler that has a circle in the middle and we circle a dotted circle in the circle..does the same shapes as urs...1.question: i don't know how to do the push pin punch work...and this is for now..thank you and hope i will read more the next time...i started to work with the materials with salsabil and guess what it is the motessori way to teach math, because we are doing math now, is the best, because i discovered that salsabil didn't understand that 23 isn't 2 and 3 but it is 20 and 3.

N from the Learning Ark said...

Nun, There is a presentation on the this blog that can show u how to do the punch work. I hope that helps. I'm feeling better thank you.