Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Simple Cup Cakes

Little-N's cousins will be coming to visit today so we've been busy making cupcakes.
Here's a really simple recipe for soft tasty cup cakes.

110g Sugar
110g Butter
2 eggs
110g Flour
1 tsp of baking power
1tsp of Vanilla sugar
Mix all ingredients and place in a lined cupcake tin. Cook for 20mins at 160'c.
We made simple icing from icing sugar and milk. Then sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.


nun said...

look wonderful...will try to do it...but would you plz write how to make the icing...thank you...

N from the Learning Ark said...

I'm glad u like it. Here is a link that can help you with Icing sugar. http://www.ehow.com/how_11530_make-quick-icing.html ENJOY :D

Hussein said...

they look amazing, and actually i know how they taste like, espicially those ones ;)