Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Primary Colours Activity 2 - Playdough

As mentioned in my previous post the children have been learning about primary colours. Yesterday they made playdough in the three primary colours. They will be using this playdough later on for another colour wheel related activity. Here is a link to an old post that includes a playdough recipe.


Blu Blessings said...
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Blu Blessings said...

Definitely my favorite choice of color, I'll say that much. :)

Looks like fun

My Child's Diary said...

May I ask if the children mix the different colours in playdough or they use each one separately?
If they mix it, is it still offered for their exploration on the next day, or you keep the colours plain? I hesitate about it all the time... For how long offer the mixed playdough...?
Thank yoU!