Wednesday, 6 April 2011


*Just wanted to say and big THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last post on literature for boys. I will be buying some of the books recommended and Little-N will be very happy.*

Little-N isn't very sporty or physical, he prefers to sit and read a book than to run about or play football. I recently bought him a big trampoline so that he can have some daily physical exercise [secretly I bought it for me!]. It's really funny to watch him, he really enjoys bouncing up and down with his long hair flopping about and that's about it, he's as stiff and wood. All the other boys who have had a try on it have done 'somersaults' 'seat drops' and many other fancy moves. Little-N however is proud of his bouncing and occasional bottom landing. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more things to the garden so that Little-N and my other students can have a variety of physical activities to explore.


Blue said...

A couple more suggestions:

Tales from Rumi


The Little Prince

And something to get lil N to look up more often:

Stargazing Guide

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! :)

I have one and my children doesn't jump on it, why???

N from the Learning Ark said...

Blue- Thank you for the links will definitely look into buying them for Little-N.

Family and co- Maybe your trampoline isn't big enough :P you should bring them here and see if they jump on mine!

Anonymous said...

Litle S just saw it and he said ''I want to go!''
Actualy today we just lie on the trampoline in front of the sun and I am red!!! so at least we use it for something :)

see you soon

Amber said...


Awww, i just stumbled back to your blog & realised how much I have missed following the adventures of you & Little-N....... & my Montessori days.

I'm thinking that there are more in the future for me. Hopefully! Fingers crossed.

How are you?

web (at) ambermleody (dot) com