Friday, 1 April 2011

Student Updates

My recent move meant that I had to say goodbye to some of my students. Goodbye to students is always a hard thing, but over the years I have learnt to cope with it. My recent move also meant that I got to take on some new students, I'm surprised at how many home-educators there are in my locality and finding new students was quite easy.

My current class now consists of:

YN who is 8 years
SN who is 8 next month
Little-N who is 7 this month
A who is 6.5
IA who is 6 next month
IB who is 5.5

Not all students come everyday and at the moment I am only running my classes three days a week. Children come for a three hour work cycle plus 1/2 hour in the garden. All the children are already home-educated so they are taught at home on the days that they do not come. Even the children who come two days a week are progressing well.


Jennifer Williams said...

That's so great.... I so wished we lived near to you so my daughter could come!!

jen x

Leptir said...

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