Monday, 28 March 2011

Beyond Schooling

I have been listening to this great series of lectures by John Taylor Gatto and Hamzah Yusuf Hanson about educating children. I have really found them beneficial and would advise everyone out there to listen to them. Here is a link to some of it on youtube.


nopinkhere said...

This feels very timely for me as I just picked up one of Gatto's books on reserve at the library today. Thanks for posting this!

Dorotea said...

Yes they are great lectures. Very motivating. I recommend also reading Dumbing Us Down, by Gatto (which I am sure you've read N. So recommending it to your readers...) Also, I recently watched an interesting documentary about education in the US. Its called Waiting for Superman. Its quite good. Its good that people are more aware of the harm of mainstream education nowadays.
Hope all is well with you N... and little N, who isnt so little anymore ;)

N said...

D- We're all fine thank you, how is everything with you? Thank you for sharing 'Waiting for superman' looks very interesting. There's a similar one 'Race to nowhere' have you seen that? I've only watched the trailers. These documentaries really make me grateful for home-schooling!