Sunday, 20 March 2011

Boys with long hair, what is the problem?

I've been growing Little-Ns hair for most of his life. Occasionally I will give it a cut, not too short, but then I always leave it to grow again. He does have very unusual hair! It only looks neat if its very long or very short. I love it when its long, I love to play with it and curl it round my fingers. You may have noticed in his recent pictures that he is always wearing a hat, he does that for two reasons, one is that we are growing the front so that he can brush it to a side, and as it is still not long enough it gets in his eyes. A lot of people [family] have been commenting on his hair saying that he is now too old to have long hair. Some people have even said he looks like a GIRL!!!! I'm not sure whether I should cut it or continue growing it! He will be seven next month and I need to make a decision soon! What do you think?


Annicles said...

I leave it to my 8 year old son to decide how long or short he wants it, within the strictures the school put on both boys and girls.

At the moment he is looking pretty floppy but saying he wants it shorter because he likes to spike it up and once it is too long it doesn't spike. I hate it spiky, by the way!

We have 2 boys at school with very long hair. One is French and the other Spanish so maybe longer hair is a more continetal thing? Although I have noticed that the teenaged boys around our way all have pretty long hair.

If it makes him look like a girl he might want to have a hairdresser give him a "boyish" long haircut!

Anonymous said... way he doesn'tlook like a girl!
Personnaly I love children when they have long air but after 5/6 years old I realy prefer to see boy with short air, I just feel they don't look baby anymore but litle boy and its cut. I don't know why!!! :)
My son used to have very long curly air until is was 5 years old and I just wanted to see how he could look with short air and since this time I cut it and now I realy don't like to see him with long air. Even him doesn't like it.
Just leave it how he likes, that's the more important.
Take care

Unknown said...

Love the picture! I think you probably know the answer:) From experience hair changes always seem to grow on us!! Pun intended. Hair is just hair. Continue to follow N. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I say beautiful hair is a gift! Not just anyone can pull it off, or they would have long locks as well!

Gigi said...

I don't like hair that gets in the kids eyes and they keep brushing it to the side or they always have their head titled to see.

Long is IN now. I like both ways just not in the eyes! True what Rebecca said, not everyone can pull off long. My oldest cannot because of the texture of his hair.

nun said...

He likes it??you like it?? problem :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Not a problem at all! Leave it as he likes it.

He is a handsome and happy little boy!


N from the Learning Ark said...

I had no idea I'd get so many comments on this post. Looks like everyone has an opinion about hair.
I have decided to leave it as long as he likes it!!! Only problem is he hates having it brushed in the morning! I would love to get him a long boyish cut, but last time we got his hair cut it looked terrible. Was a total waste of Money!

bovinekitti said...

Hair grows fast... cut it short and see what you think. It's not a permanent decision :)
Most importantly, just keep it out of the eyes. No need to hide, or worse impair vision (yeah, happened to a high school friend of mine that insisted on an asymmetrical haircut for years; where only one eye was always hidden... this was back in the eighties, Depeche Mode, The Cure....)

Unknown said...

Let him decide. Soon enough, he will be telling you how HE likes it, whether you like it or not! ;) Great decision making too!
Ignore family... He does NOT look like a girl. He's just a pretty boy, and he gets his looks from you :) So, of course he'll be good looking enough that people say he looks like a girl! Take it as a compliment and move on.