Friday, 18 March 2011

Telling the time and free downloads

The other day I put up a new analogue clock in the kitchen. All the other clocks around the house are digital. I asked Little-N to tell me the time and he couldn't!!! I was sort of shocked as he could tell them time very well more than a year ago and even though most of our clocks are digital he still sees analogue clocks around and about. I don't have all the Montessori clock materials in my new class [I had to leave those in the school I used to work in] so I quickly made some of my own materials to do with Little-N.

I did a quick hand made clock search and saw this great idea at The Homeschool Den. I decided to make my own version of it where Little-N can write the numbers. I have laminated it and he writes on it with a chinagraph pencil so that it can be reused. I also made a control version and a to and past time version. You can download them for free here.

I also made him these clock cards where he matches the times. At first he uses it with the control cards [at the top]. He can also use the handmade clock above to check his answers.
Next he uses the cards without the control as shown below.

And when he's finished he uses the control cards to check his answers.

I made these cards for o'clock times, quarter past times, half past times, quarter to times and minute times. You can get the o'clock cards for free here. The other cards are available for download here. I have made them with colour coding but left the separate words and clocks without colour coding so that all cards can be used together at the end of the lessons for a huge clock matching and sorting activity. I also made blank card for the children to write the time on or to use with digital cards.

Here is an old post for another activity that I did when helping children to understand how tell to the time.

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Umm said...

The clock idea is brilliant!..thanks for sharing!