Monday, 7 March 2011

My Classroom Has Been Moved

Finally we have a classroom again. I didn't realise how many resources I had for my class until I moved! I had more than 14 large boxes packed with materials and it took hours and hours to unpack everything. I still have many other things that need sorting and plenty to print and make, but for now my classroom is functional. Here are some photos...

The shelves to the right of the picture are for mathematics materials, beside them is my home made bead cabinet and to the left of the photo is the sensorial and geometry shelf. I am reducing the sensorial materials and replacing them with geometry materials. Some of the sensorial materials are used again for 6-9 yrs geometry.

The shelf in the centre of the picture is for language materials, it contains the sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet, pink, blue and green series.

This shelf is the grammar and word study shelf, I still have to print many materials for it.

This is the science shelf.

Here is the geography shelf, it contains all the maps, continent boxes, globes, pin maps, and other geography related materials.

Here we have the library which is far too small to fit all our books in, so I have put the rest of our books in Little-N's room and we will rotate the books. Beside the library is the advanced practical life shelf, I am still adding materials to it. All the simple activities have now been removed as the children have mastered them.

I need to buy new tables and chairs that are larger than the ones in the photographs, but I am finding it very hard to find individual wood tables at a reasonable price. I may have to make them myself.

I wish my classroom was bigger so that we can have more shelves and more children. At the moment this size is suitable for 5-6 children but we will see how it goes once the children join.

Let me know what you think of my class.


Annicles said...

It looks lovely. I hope the children appreiciate it, Have you tried Ikea for the tables? They sometimes surprise you with a perfect something!

Discovering Montessori said...

You have a really nice classroom! I can't wait to get my hands on some of those materiald you have, especially the bead cabinet. Thank you for sharing.

Paul and Ines said...

it's one of my fave parts to set a classroom....looks great & good luck

Jennifer Williams said...

It looks great... where are you in the country as I'd love my daughter to join in.... Jenni x

Anonymous said...

I love it! And I am envious of all those shelves, lol.

nun said...

FINALLY...was beginning to worry....looks very nice....and again astonishing as usual....wish i am a kid again!...:)