Friday, 29 April 2011

Twig Sculptures

In order to make our climbing frame fit in the garden we had to cut down a few branches from a tree. I decided to keep the branches and allow the children a chance to play with them and see what they can create. Little-N and his cousin used elastic bands to hold the branches together and started creating vertical structures. They spent a lot of time working out where to put the branches so that the pressure on the structure will be just right. Having introduced Little-N to words like force and pressure, it was really nice to see him use the words in this contents.

Once the structure was complete, it stood for a whole day and the boys were very happy. The next day Little-N took it down and built another one.

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Martianne said...

So fun. My kids enjoy making things like this, too. It's amazing what the kids can come up with, isn't it?