Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Job

Remember the post I wrote some months ago about the Montessori pre-school I was helping set up? Well initially I joined the team as a consultant, but things have changed. I am now the pre-school manager. This is a position that I swore I'd never accept, it's a big responsibility and a lot of work, however after working with the team for months and seeing their eagerness to make the school perfect I realised that I could do more to help create a school that will be amazing and touch the lives of many children.

I've spent these last weeks preparing mountains of paper work for Ofsted [official body for inspecting school]. Ordering and buying and materials to set up the classroom and preparing training session for teachers. I am lucky to be part of a wonderful team of teachers, all coming with years of experience and amazing talents. Everyone is working to the same goal, creating an outstanding Montessori school that will not only change the lives of children but also change the community.

I was extremely nervous about my suitable persons interview with Ofsted [official body for inspecting school] in which the inspector grilled me for more than three hours asking many difficult questions. But I was glad to know that it's hard for people to get a job as a manager and Ofsted are thorough in insuring that people in these positions are good people with sufficient experience. Today we received the glad news that I have passed the interview and we have got registration certificate.

This summer will be spent setting up the school, making resources and ensuring the the school is ready for September. I have stopped my homeschooling classes that I run from home. Having a full-time job in September will mean that I can no longer homeschool Little-N :( . I will set up my classroom in the school so that he can come in to the pre-school and continue his learning with me.