Monday, 10 March 2014

Sentence Analysis - Post 1

Little-N has recently become obsessed with the Sentence Analysis work. In this activity the child analyses sentences using a series of charts and symbols. In the picture above, the sentence contained a verb, subject and direct object. I downloaded this chart for free from here.
Sentence Analysis is a long and detailed study, which I usually begin with the child once they have studied all parts of speech [and know the grammar symbols]. The above chart is the simplest form. The child will progress to analyse sentences which contain conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs and more. Below is a picture of the complete set of materials. However, some training colleges may use different charts.
I decided to purchase the PDF set of materials from here. The file provides print out symbols and charts. Also included are step by step directions for presenting the materials. This homeschooling blog has a great post about Sentence Analysis. 

Above [sorry for the bad quality] Little-N is working on another Sentence Analysis lesson at home. He enjoyed it so much he wanted to do another lesson this evening! In the above photo, Little-N is analysing a sentence which contains to verbs and one subject. 

I'll post again soon with the next Sentence Analysis lesson we do.